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Steven Kapp Perry is an award-winning songwriter, playwright and broadcaster from Cedar Hills, UT. He has written for National Geographic Children’s Television, Prime Recordings, and other companies, and two of his stage musicals have appeared on BYU Television—the most recent being "Take the Mountain Down," co-written with Marvin Payne.
His earliest musical memories include hearing Mozart’s Horn Concertos and the music of Edvard Grieg on his parents’ old record player (you remember those, right?) in the evenings. After a decade in commercial radio, Steven is excited to return to those musical roots for Morning Classics from 9 to Noon every weekday on Classical 89.
Steven and his French-Canadian wife, Johanne, have volunteered in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana with and they love music, history, travel, cream cheese on bagels, and whichever of their four children has a current scholarship.