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School of music
The Score
with Peter Van de Graaff
8:30 AM
Classics for Kids: Music that Imitates Inanimate Objects - Composers love to put clocks and other “machines” into their music. This week on Classics for Kids, hear examples of music that imitates inanimate objects, including one about a famous fairy tale character for whom a clock striking midnight was very important. Hear the episode again, and find music education resources for students, teachers, and parents at
1:00 PM
BYU School of Music On-Air: CHILDS Love's Philosophy - BYU Women's Chorus; Jean Applonie, conductor (Recorded 3/31/2017)
6:00 PM
Performance Today: A daily program of selections from concerts by today's artists, recorded live in concert halls around the globe. Also interviews, news, and features. For playlist, visit
8:00 PM
Thinking Aloud: The Open Education Group - Two members of the Open Education Group at BYU join Marcus Smith. They represent a rising movement to make educational resources such as textbooks free for everyone--not just to make the lives of students easier, but to better our society as a whole. 
8:30 PM
BYU School of Music On-Air: STROOPE Magnificat - BYU Women's Chorus; Jean Applonie, conductor (Recorded 3/31/2017)
9:00 PM
Exploring Music: American Masters V - The American Masters series examines composers who forged our Nationalist identity in the 20th century, and who continue to energize and influence classical music today. While we have had other series dedicated to Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber, and Duke Ellington, American Masters is our opportunity to spend time with a more diverse collection of composers. This fifth installment of the series focuses on composers born in the years before the First World War – musical trailblazers, such as Henry Brant, Lukas Foss, Robert Russell Bennett, Peter Mennin, George Perle, Ned Rorem, and Jerome Moross. Playlist information at