School of music
with Peter Van de Graaff
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Classics for Kids: Contemporary Women Composers - In earlier centuries, it was difficult for a woman to have a composing career. Today, there are women composing music all over the world - and stretching the sound of classical music. We’ll hear about these composers and sample their music, this week on Classics for Kids. Hear the episode again, and find music education resources for students, teachers, and parents at
1:00 PM
BYU School of Music On-Air: HOGAN Witness - BYU Men's Chorus; Matthew D. Nielsen, conductor (recorded 4/13/2017)
6:00 PM
Performance Today: A daily program of selections from concerts by today's artists, recorded live in concert halls around the globe. Also interviews, news, and features. For playlist, visit
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Thinking Aloud: Malcolm Evans on Torture Prevention - Malcolm Evans, chair of the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law in the University of Bristol, joins the show to discuss torture prevention and the promotion of religious freedom.nbsp;
8:30 PM
BYU School of Music On-Air: DVORAK String Quartet No. 10, Mvt. 2 - Deseret String Quartet: Alexander Woods, violin; Monte Belknap, violin; Claudine Bigelow, viola; Michelle Kesler, cello (recorded 3/16/2017)
9:00 PM
Exploring Music: Felix Mendelssohn - German composer Felix Mendelssohn finds himself at the center of this week's episode of Exploring Music. He has been hailed as one of the greatest musical minds of all time. We venture from his precocious youth to his early death. His great body of work is still in the repertories of chamber groups and orchestras. And it’s the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto that is loved by all. The same love and devotion is true for his String Octet and Italian Symphony. Playlist information at