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Wednesday, September 28, 2016 PREVIOUS DAY / NEXT DAY / OVERNIGHT LISTINGS
1:00 PM
BYU School of Music On-Air: MENDELSSOHN Piano Concerto No. 1 Mvt. III: Presto - Molto allegro e vivace - BYU Philharmonic - Kory Katseanes, conductor; Penny Perkins, piano(recorded 03/11/2014)
6:00 PM
Performance Today: A daily program of selections from concerts by today's artists, recorded live in concert halls around the globe. Also interviews, news, and features. For playlist, visit
8:00 PM
Thinking Aloud: Benjamin Cook: Facilitating Peace--Conflict Resolution and Mediation in Rwanda - Ben Cook is a lawyer with extensive training and experience in conflict resolution and mediation both here and in Africa. Tonight, he joins guest host Mark Burns to discuss his work both locally, as the director of BYU's Center for Conflict Resolution, and especially in Rwanda and several other African nations.  
8:30 PM
BYU School of Music On-Air: COPLAND Appalachian Spring - BYU Chamber Orchestra - Kory Katseanes, conductor (recorded 4/1/14)
9:00 PM
Exploring Music: The Symphony, Part I - In the beginning, there were Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, or so we thought. That is until we uncovered a whole world of instrumental music so varied, so wonderful and so woefully unknown, we decided to take out time in that glorious place. Starting with a Sinfonia by Biaggio Marini from 1618, we slowly make out way through the seventeenth century, the eighteenth century and finish at the brink of the Romantic era with the Second Symphony by Beethoven.