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Marcus Hugh
Learning at Brigham Young University doesn't happen only in classrooms and labs. Radio can be another venue for education, opening doors for lifelong learners, both on campus and off–with easy access and no tuition!

Classical 89 is pleased to bring you thoughtful, educated voices in our radio interview program Thinking Aloud. As a service to the community at large, we offer regular interviews with scholars, students, and campus guests, on a broad range of topics.

The Thinking Aloud team is committed to programming that harmonizes with the "complete educational vision" of the university. To be whole, a person needs a body with both a head and a heart (a mind and a spirit). The best conversations always engage both. Each show offers the thoughtful listener a chance to consider and muse upon the ideas, comments, and artistic creations of our guests. Careful thinkers, scholars, artists, and creators are invited into our studio to visit with host Marcus Smith. Tune in often to think along with them. We look forward to your company!
Weekdays at 11am (Except Tuesday)

on 89.1 FM and 89.5 FM (southern Utah County)
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