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Christmas in Portugal
Your favorite childhood memories of Christmas might include the family gathered on Christmas Eve around an exquisitely decorated tree, singing songs together, waiting for the clock to strike midnight so that your family can make its way to midnight mass at the nearby cathedral. After that liturgical Christmas Eve and a night's sleep, a Christmas feast in the morning complete with dry codfish, potatoes, and sprouts soaked in pure olive oil. Oh and don't forget a place for the alminhas (ow-MEE¤as-ah-pen-r) penar or a feast for "the souls of the dead." Well, this trip down memory lane might make sense--if your heritage is Portugese. On today's Thinking Aloud we're talking to two students from Portugal about Christmas traditions. Ruth Baptista is a student from Lisbon who is studying Marriage, Family, and Human Development and minoring in Arabic. Baptista also works in the International Student Services office at BYU. Alesandra Domingues is also a student from Lisbon and is interested in studying Psychology.nbsp;—Original airdate: 12/17/2007

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