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Kerry Mitchell: How National Parks Create and Manage Emotions of Spirituality
Whether you realize it or not, America’s great national parks are not just presented “as they really are.”  The experience of encountering a national park is one that has been studied, managed, and tweeked by generations of park rangers and planners until just the right emotion is most effectively, most unnoticeably achieved.  And in more times than not, the emotion our nation’s park planners are after is one of spirituality, of somehow linking your experience with nature to your experiences of god.  It is a very interesting, sophisticated process and one that allows all of us to enjoy our national, natural treasures to the highest degree possible—though never in some untouched, unmediated way.  Today's guest on Thinking Aloud discusses how and why we feel what we feel when in our national parks.—Original airdate: 2/15/2017

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