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History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson
The title of today's show comes from a novel written by a British explorer in 1754. This transatlantic tale offers a unique and compelling perspective on American life in the expanding Atlantic world of the mid-eighteenth century. Although popular during its time, the book slipped into obscurity for 250 years. Two BYU scholars recently discovered the text and argue for its importance in a new critical edition, making the case that this book, although written by an Englishman, could represent the first American novel.Our guests are brothers, Nicholas amp; Matthew Mason, who have appeared on Thinking Aloud individually but are on the program together for the first time today. Nicholas Mason is an associate chair in the English Department at Brigham Young University. Matthew Mason teaches in the History Department at BYU where he focuses on the early American period.nbsp; —Original airdate: 2/20/2009

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