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Nancy Wallace: Ocean Garbage--How Plastic Junk is Filling and Killing Our Seas
Tonight on Thinking Aloud we have an interview about marine debris, otherwise called ocean garbage, otherwise called the watery graveyard for plastic. Whether you know it or not, human debris is accumulating scarily fast in all the world's oceans. Because it degrades on the scale of millenia, most of that junk is leftover plastic. The most famous example of this is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge gathering of non-oceanic stuff that is the size of the continental U.S. It is a very scary global problem, one that is only now getting on the radar screen of most Americans. Our guest today is the woman who is tasked by the U.S. government with getting rid of and especially preventing more of that dangerous marine debris.—Original airdate: 2/27/2017

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