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Reflecting on the Meaning of Experience, with author Matt Wickman
Matt Wickman's book titled "The Ruins of Experience: Scotland's Romantick Highlands and the Birth of the Modern Witness" is our subject on today's Thinking Aloud. In this conversation, we get a glimpse of how human modes of understanding experience, contrary to what you may think (if you're a confirmed Newtonian), have exhibited remarkable shifts over the course of history. In particular, the legal premises behind our civic attempts to ascertain facticity or factuality came into question in Scotland in the mid-eighteenth century. Wickman highlights a specific court case, the Appin murder trial, as an example of how our understanding of experience and evidence has shifted since the Age of Enlightenment. Wickman is a literary theorist and avid student of intellectual history ... a good fit for his role as a professor in a university English program. He's been at BYU since the year 2000.—Original airdate: 4/19/2007

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