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Robert Cundick--A Tribute to the Famed LDS Organist and Composer
The famed LDS organist and composer Robert Cundick just passed away today--January 7, 2015. In honor of his life and musical legacy, we replay today a 2007 interview he did for "Thinking Aloud." Cundick's former position as a full-time Mormon Tabernacle Organist was well known. Latter-day Saint choral musicians and choral music fans also knew him for his oratorio-like sacred service titled "The Redeemer." Cundick's CD "The Past Returns" (Tantara Records) displayed his chamber music compositions, works for strings that fit squarely in the tradition of tonal composition. This interview with Cundick and with Tantara's general manager, Ron Simpson, highlighted Cundick's versatility in the category of purely instrumental musical creation. —Original airdate: 5/7/2007

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