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Solomon's Temple: Myth and History, by William Hamblin and David Rolph Seely
When monotheism emerged near the area sometimes referred to as the Cradle of Civilization, polytheistic shrines to diverse gods were soon upstaged by "God's mountain" or "God's house" ... monuments declaring the primacy of a single deity, on a single spot, a nexus between earth and heaven. On today's Thinking Aloud we meet with two scholars, co-authors, who have something to say about a long-vanished piece of architecture that, even though destroyed, can never be pried loose from the parcel of land on which it once stood: Solomon's Temple. Their new volume on the subject, lavish with illustrations, is titled "Solomon's Temple: Myth and History" (New York: Thames and Hudson, 2007). —Original airdate: 6/4/2007

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