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Don Quixote: The Enduring Appeal
Have you ever been completely lost in a book? ?so thoroughly enveloped in the story that you forsake the world that is to live in a world that might be? It's the kind of question we could well put to Don Quixote... that is, if he were flesh and bone and not mere fiction himself. Born over 400 years ago, the character Don Quixote comes alive over and over again in the minds of countless readers. Whose delusion is the worse ? his or his readers? In this interview, TA features a conversation between BYU's Academic Vice President John Tanner, John Talbot of the BYU Department of English, and Edward Friedman, Professor of Spanish and comparative literature at Vanderbilt University. The year 2005 marked 400 years since the publication of Don Quixote. Dr. Friedman visited BYU to deliver a forum address in conjunction with campus events surrounding this important Cervantes commemoration. This informal interview took place in Classical 89's studio after Friedman's forum presentation.—Original airdate: 8/21/2006

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