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Sisterz in Zion
The distance between New York City, or the Bronx and Utah, or better yet, Provo, Utah, on the BYU campuses far more than just geographic. Some might even say it's cosmic. Perhaps the only way to gauge the human distance, the cultural difference, is by bringing people from both places together. Culture shock. Cultural awareness. Ethnic diversity. Unity in Zion. One heart, one mind. It's all very noble, but when the rubber hits the road, how smooth is the driving? Today Marcus Smith talks with some creative minds behind a new documentary called "Sisterz in Zion." It's the story of a group of teenage girls from the Bronx who fly to Provo to participate in a locally well-known program called Especially for Youth. Our guests are Tom Lefler, from the Department of Theatre and Media Arts; Melissa Puente, a BYU alumna who graduated from the film department; and Kathy Johnson,a junior majoring in humanities and associate producer for the documentary.—Original airdate: 9/28/2006

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